Jr. High ELA~ Mrs. Brown

"No man steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man." Heraclitus

Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the disaster restoration field as an insurance adjuster and project team coordinator helping families and businesses recover from fires, floods, and other incidents. I also was blessed to work for Okanogan County Sheriff's Office as a civil deputy, and in the retail industry as a buyer for Gourmet Foods, Gadgets, and Housewares for companies in the Seattle area such as Larry's Markets and The Bon Marche.

My personal goal has always been to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and as a teacher I get the privilege of living out this intention daily. One of the main reasons I love teaching is that it allows me to provide my students a guided space for them to mature during this critical stage. In middle school, students are learning to take their first independent steps on the path towards self-determination.

I believe language arts lends opportunities for students to investigate concepts, learn to objectively analyze source materials, then form and effectively express their own ideas. In addition, I am utilizing my extensive business background to offer CTE courses in Business Management for high school students’ to better understand and explore career options before transitioning into the real-world. Through after-school activities and by taking a keen interest in my students’ interests, I look to develop trusting relationships and space for our growing scholars to explore and test their world.

My intention as an educator is that together with my peers, we can grow a community of citizens with compassionate hearts, curious minds, critical thinkers, and characters of value.

1st Hour: Prep

2nd Hour: CTE-HS Business Law

3rd Hour: 8th Grade ELA

4th Hr: Passion Projects

5th Hr: 6th Grade ELA

6th Hr: 7th Grade ELA

7th Hr: ELA Intervention and support